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Chapter Whatever

Next thing I knew, it was January 2012. Me and Ashley had been together for 5 months. Filming for TMB’s show had started and I’d landed myself a role. It made me happy that I could get a major role with just being Ashley’s girlfriend.

Kath and Lauren still didn’t like me – But my contact with Bella had increased majorly, Cerys was one of my new best friends and…Jess broke up with Dru. She cheated.

On the last day of set, the exec of the show came up to me.

“Lucy? May I have a word?”

We were outside the filming studio and Ashley had hold of my hand.

“Yes, of course. Do you want me in for editing?”

“If you want. But it’s not about that. You’re an amazing actress, for someone with no training.”

My cheeks went red.

“The production company, and a few others, want to keep you on. I have a friend who wants to be your agent. You could be huge.”

“Hear that babe?” Ashley seemed to be listening too.

“Go to this address tomorrow, explain that Mary sent you, and they’ll sign you up. I promise.”

She gave me a slip of paper with an address on. It was in central London. Me and Ashley walked down the road together back to his house, with his arm around me.

“I know it’s your birthday tomorrow…signing a contract on your 18th!” He said, breaking the silence.

“Weren’t we going to do something nice?”

I could feel his body freeze beside me.

“In the evening, yeah? You’ve sent out the invitations, right? I haven’t, uh…”

“You haven’t what?”

“Planned anything for us to do together….”

“You’ll come with me to the agent though?”

“Of course.”

He stopped and snogged me in the street. Next thing I knew, an overweight man with a camera papped us. I pulled away.

“Fuck off, pervert!”



Chapter Fifteen

Ashley squeezed my hand.

“Lucy, reply to Lauren!”

“Oh, er…I like writing. And playing guitar.”

“Have you been to University?

“No, I’m 17…I left school at 16.

“Why would you want to do that? You’re going to get a nothing job. Not even college?”

This felt like a bloody interrogation.

“After I moved from Birmingham, I had no idea about Colleges in the local area. I don’t want to go to College anyway. I like the idea of being an actress. I’m going to start acting school next September.”

“Did you know that 99% of actors are out of work? You’d be better in a Supermarket.”

Bella gave me a nudge & whispered in my ear: “Ignore her. She thought I was ridiculous doing a degree in Philosophy, but hey…”

Kath came in with a tray full of Salmon Pasta Bake. I knew Ashley loved salmon.

“I hope this is okay Lucy.” She said, serving up a portion to Lauren, who then shoved her mums hand away and did it herself.

I nodded. I didn’t really enjoy salmon, but I didn’t want to seem rude.

After we all had food on our plates, and Ashley’s dad joined us, conversation was weak. I didn’t want to start it anyway. 10 minutes into the meal, when most people were finishing, my phone rang.


I excuses myself from the table and ran out into the kitchen.

“Mum, I’m at Ashley’s parents house!”

“ Did I say you could go? No. Come back home this instant!”

“I’m in Reading. I won’t be home until 11. Bye.”

I hung up. I wasn’t in the mood to be rubbed up the wrong way after my conversation with Lauren.

I went back into the kitchen. Ashley, Bella & Keith all looked angry. Kath & Lauren looked happy. Something had happened. Ashley stood up, got out his car keys, grabbed my hand and left the room.

“Not having pudding?”

He ran through the hallway.

“Fuck off mother! If you don’t like Lucy, never speak to me again!”

“Now Ashley, there’s no need to-“

He slammed the door.

“Twats. I never want to speak to them again.”

He wrapped his arms around me.

“I promise you, nobody will ever split us up.”

He kissed my nose, let go of me and unlocked my car door. I got in, and he drove back on the motorway. As soon as the car drove out of the drive, I dozed off. I was woken up when we got back outside my house.

“Lucy?” He patted my cheek.

“Huh?” I mumbled, still half asleep.

“You’ve been asleep. Silly.”

He got out the car, unlocked my side, and took my hand as I got out of the car.

“You better go check on your parents.”

My dad walked out to greet us.

“Lucy! Me and your mother have been worried!” He still had his suit and briefcase on from coming back from Edinburgh.

“I said. I was at Ashley’s parents house in Reading. We had dinner. I’m staying at Ashley’s tonight, dad.”

“Bit early for staying over at each others houses yet?”

Maybe it was too early. I was taking this too far, and I knew it was wrong being with a band member.

“Just use contraception.” Said Dad. What a lovely touch there.

Dad slammed my front door as Ashley carried me to his front door. We both collapsed, kissing on his sofa and eventually fell asleep.